Step into the world of Sandrine Scott Antiquities collection, where history and craftsmanship converge to breathe new life into treasures of the past. Our curated selection offers a glimpse into eras gone by, featuring a diverse range of reclaimed fountains, troughs, bird baths, reclaimed pillars, tables, pots, and more. Each piece is a testament to its unique heritage, meticulously sourced from various corners of the world.
The allure of our Antiquities lies not only in their exquisite beauty but in their singular rarity. Every item is a one-of-a-kind creation, carrying a history that stretches back through time. These reclaimed pieces have weathered the ages, bearing the marks of their journey with dignity. Our collection showcases the artistry and skilled workmanship of civilizations long past, from intricately carved fountains to the understated elegance of aged stone pillars”

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