Discover the art of transformation with our captivating stone veneer offerings. Embrace the allure of genuine stone, meticulously crafted to grace your walls and surfaces with a touch of timeless beauty. Our stone veneer collection captures the essence of natural textures, allowing you to infuse your spaces with the rustic charm of the outdoors.

Discover the tranquility that defines contemporary living. Clean and minimalist designs enriched by expansive windows that invite abundant sunlight cultivate a sense of serenity. Stripped-down embellishments empower the open layouts and striking living areas to articulate their essence.


Dwellings that prioritize crisp edges and refined aesthetics can be elevated by a contemporary stone aesthetic. Whether employed to amplify the interior’s character or grace the entire exterior façade, the fundamental elements of this approach encompass cohesive stone that harmonizes with the structure’s palette and balanced positioning that amplifies the modern ambiance.

Indulge in a touch of opulence that echoes through time with the allure of old-world elegance. This architectural style draws inspiration from bygone eras, seamlessly blending the splendor of yesteryears with the essence of contemporary design. The entrance, a harmonious fusion of grandeur and warmth, welcomes you into a realm of lasting impressions.

Old World

Channeling the timeless beauty of Italy, Greece, Spain, and similar regions, the old-world aesthetic showcases intricate details that magnify a structure’s character. This captivating look is achieved through the careful selection of stones, all harmonizing within a shared color palette. These stones are then meticulously arranged in custom layouts that are unique to each dwelling. The seamless integration of these stones can also encompass graceful arches and dignified columns, reminiscent of the architectural marvels of Western Europe. These features not only exude a sense of nobility but also stand as testaments to enduring strength and architectural finesse.


Captivated by the East Coast or New England style? Sandrine Scott brings you the charm of traditional stonework. Our skilled artisans, steeped in craftsmanship, artfully place stones like travertine, sandstone, and limestone. This unique blend creates a symphony of hues and shapes that complements your home’s palette. Unlike standard methods, each stone’s placement is tailored, crafting a distinct, timeless masterpiece that echoes your space’s character. Choose Sandrine Scott for stonework that’s an authentic reflection of tradition and style.

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